What the Church Will Look Like

Scroll down for a renovation tour.

All Souls 1

The front fence is gone and the church stands open – to welcome all souls through its doors.  As you can see from this sketch, the brick terrace on the northwest corner, which was once an underutilized space, will become a newly renovated green terrace and welcoming entrance space.  New external ramping will be installed at the corner of 16th and Harvard to facilitate movement into the building.


All Souls 2

The stairway from the 16th Street narthex and hallway to the lower level will be re-opened to make bathrooms and classrooms more accessible.

All Souls 3 Lobby improvements will make the flow into and out of the sanctuary more straightforward and less maze-like and improve the aesthetics.  The main level will be opened all the way to the courtyard to create a bright, new gathering space with an open feel.  All Souls 5 An eco-friendly elevator will be installed at the northeast corner of the building, right next to the new gathering space, which will provide accessibility to all three floors for seniors, caregivers, parents with strollers and people with disabilities.

There will be new copper gutters to prevent water infiltration around the building.  The gutters and downspouts on the exterior of the church had been a big problem in the past. A new membrane roof will also be installed at the northwest terrace, as well as a new roof membrane at the sloped roofs (1) above the elevator and where the rooftop units are located (2) between Hamele/Sanctuary and (3) Pierce Hall/Sanctuary.
All Souls 6 The heating, cooling and electrical systems that control the church environment will be upgraded to improve the efficiency of these systems and also save energy.   All Souls 8All Souls 7


Re-claiming Pierce Hall’s natural ventilation system will help make Pierce Hall a more comfortable year-round setting for programs, activities, and events. All Souls 9High efficiency light fixtures, window repairs, insulation and other energy efficiency improvements should reduce operating costs. Even more improvements will be made, including the installation of infrastructure for a new AV system and a future security system.  All Souls 10

We will more than double the number of women’s restroom stall spaces, and bring our bathrooms up to current code requirements.

all souls new bathrooms

all souls new bathrooms 2










Plans call for repairing the bell tower and the deteriorating brick masonry on the front façade.


All Souls 13

 New light-filled classrooms on the lower level will create a better environment for our children.  All Souls 14The new classroom spaces will also be versatile and will allow for other uses, including possible weekday rental opportunities. Currently the staff is spread out throughout the church building, reducing office efficiency. Creating new staff offices on both the main and lower levels was an urgent priority.

All Souls 15

 There will be a Cry Room for parents with small children, where they can sit and listen to the sermon and not have to worry about distracting other congregants.






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