Welcome to the new Third Century Challenge website, created to help All Souls members and friends monitor progress as our historic church undergoes a major renovation. Here you will find updated plans, complete with photos and schematic drawings, construction schedules, and financial details. You can also track the major events and decisions that drew the Congregation together behind this project.

All Souls Church is now poised to enter its third century of ministry to the Washington, DC area. It has a rich and diverse history in its mission to bring the values of freedom and justice to both the city and the nation. Over the last ten years, the congregation has grown in size and energy, expanding from a worshipping group of only 200 to over 1,000. Religious Education has increased from only 70 to over 300. We believe that its best days are still ahead. But in order to continue as a vibrant church in this place there are some important things we need to do to preserve this building that has been a home to so many over the years. These improvements will make our church a place that can continue to sustain and enliven our community and the next generation in the pursuit of spiritual exploration and social justice.

Selecting the “Home” tab above will take you to the latest updates.

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