Third Century Challenge Team

Construction Oversight Committee: The Board of Trustees established an ad hoc Construction Oversight Committee in March 2014 to provide advice to Executive Director Katie Loughary and to the Board regarding the construction of the renovation and its costs, and to review change orders.

The members of the Committee include: Tom Fox (Chair), Jennifer Bruneau, Jim Heltman, Fred Tipson, Cheryl Gray, Brian Marshall, Katie Loughary, Charles McNear (Construction Manager). Four of the members served on the CAPT and provide valuable understanding of where we have been.

Third Century Challenge (Fundraising) Committee: The original Capital Campaign charged with raising the necessary funds for the capital renovation was replaced with the Third Century Challenge (Fundraising) Committee.  Like its predecessor, the Committee consists of a core group of dedicated members who is continuing the work into the next phase of the campaign. The current members include: Laurie Lester and Taryn Wilgus Null (Co-chairs), Uta Allers, Sara Hudgins, Eric Bailey, Carol Falk, Jody Feldman, Bruce DePuyt, Kathy Mulvey, and Corey Null.

Communications Team:  The Communications Team created the Third Century Challenge website. The Communications Team supports the All Souls staff and the Construction Oversight Committee by providing them with an online presence as the Third Century Challenge project enters the construction phase. The team is responsible for developing internal and external messaging and doing simple maintenance on the site to keep the congregation and our neighbors up to date and informed about the construction schedule,progress, building usage and meeting locations during construction. The current members of the team include: Barbara Corprew (Chair), Sterling Lloyd, Mark Matthews, Ken Ambrose, Jennifer Bolick, and Henry Hubbard.




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